May 18th, 2002


So, I went to take Max for his shots today.

Yesterday was beautiful. ~70F... The theatre for Episode II was sweltering (it took awhile for the AC to be felt in that sold-out theatre). I didn't need a jacket at all-- not even at 1:30AM when I left the bar.

Imagine my surprise when I went outside to take Maxman to the vet and there was an inch of heavy SNOW on my car, and more falling.

They're saying three-to-five inches. I'm saying I've got an outdoor picnic to attend in an hour or so.


Welcome to upstate New York.

In other news, Maxman needs to have his teeth cleaned. They think he may have lost a tooth already :/ So, Tuesday, he gets taken to the vet for an all-day stay, and the wonderful fun of general anesthesia. He's otherwise healthy and reasonably happy (or will be once he forgives the Mean Food Lady for taking him to the Vet's in The Big Metal Thing that Eats People and Spits Them Out). He howled all the way there, but was completely quiet on the ride back, hiding in that tiny space between the front seats under the dashboard, and didn't want to leave once we got back. Poor kitty.
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