May 17th, 2002

rubbah and horns

The days of geeks and roses

From: LdySaphyre
To: Eman
Date: 17 May 2002, 10:16:02 AM
Subject: secret code! not.

Eman writes:
>ba Ba ba ba ba BA ba ba ba ba BA ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaaaaaa !


Michele stopped by the office this morning, out of the blue2, and brought me a dozen roses for no reason. And $3003! WOW! How cool is that?!

We interrupt this entry for a brief moment of prayer:

Dear G-d, please give Michele a big fat penis and make her a hunky heterosexual man. Thank you, amen.

We now return you to today's entry, already in progress.

...all different colours-- the yellow and orange one's the prettiest, but the pink ones smell the best. *swooon* They're in a big metal can4 on my desk. I don't know what possessed her, but I certainly ain't complainin'!

Busy weekend...
  • Last night was rehearsal. We did "dropping in" between Viola and Olivia-- which means that we sat, knees touching, while the director(s) fed us lines interspersed with things to think about while we repeated the lines, over and over again. It was one of the seduction scenes, and very kinky5, really.

  • Food and Ep2 tonight with E, then out to meet Michele for drinkies afterwards.

  • Max has to visit the vet tomorrow morning for his annual shots, then I need to prep some veggies for an afternoon graduation party in Saratoga, then I'm off another graduation party somewhere else.

  • Evidently, I do not have rehearsal Sunday. I CAN ACTUALLY RELAX! do I do that? No, really, I don't know. I should play Unreal Tournament clean. Yes.

  • Monday, I look at a promising house. Fireplace, deck, four bedrooms, garage... it's probably more house than I need, and more than I had originally wanted to spend6, but I'd rather spend more and get something nice than get something tiny or spend all my time working on a fixer-upper. It needs some love, but not as much as the one I'd set my heart on before. The neighborhood's OK... not great, but it's very close to where I live now, and super close to the hospital7. I'll letcha know more as the situation progresses.

I'm going to grab a quick bite to eat... hope your Friday is as sweet as an unexpected rose.

1 So yeah. We're geeks. He's got tix for 8PM (w00t!). And I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the Millennium Falcon.
2 In the middle of a big meeting, with the bossman and the entire staff, of course! ;P
3 For dragoncon plane tix, which I haven't even bought yet!
4 I couldn't find a vase.
5 But that's because Parker was feeding me my lines, and A.) he's under the impression that I'm some sort of dominatrix, B.) his mind is perpetually in the gutter, C.) he lives in a fantasy world where Joanna and I really want to have some hot girl-on-girl action with each other while he watches and D.) well, do we really need a "D" here?
6 I think they're asking ~$65k, which really isn't too bad.
7 Meaning I may be able to sell it that much more easily when the time comes.
36 Dear G-d, my best friend doesn't really need to grow a big fat penis or change her gender. It was a joke. I'm sorry. But, jftr, if it were to happen for some unknown reason *winkwink*, I probably wouldn't complain. OK? OK. Amen.
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