May 11th, 2002

rubbah and horns

Lemons into lemonade

Remember that speeding ticket I got a few weeks ago?* The one I was proud I hadn't let ruin my week or even that very moment?

Well the court date was today, at 9 AM. I woke up, got ready, even went so far as to iron a skirt-- strange things for me for a Saturday morning (I get so exhausted during the week that I tend to sleep in on the weekends). I was a few minutes late, as the address on the ticket indicated that the location was on the even side of the street, a block or two down (not on the odd side of the street, in the Police station, where it actually was).

I walked into the courtroom. It was completely dark.

I went up to the officer on duty and showed him the ticket. He looked perplexed. "Yes, it does say May 11th at 9am, but we don't hold traffic court on Saturdays... come back tomorrow and talk to the clerk behind that window there, because I have no idea when your actual court date was for."

Well, whattayaknow. Wouldn't it be nice if they dropped the charge altogether due to this error? (Not likely, but I can cross my fingers and hope, can't I?)

W00t-- now I have the whole day to get stuff accomplished! Rawk on!

* But I never speed!
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