May 9th, 2002


A somewhat normalish post

I've been home sick for two days. Ick. I have so much work to do at work... and so much work to do here! But under strict instruction to relax from Dr. Scottobear and Dr. Elsnaibs. So, relax, I shall.

I've not been commenting as much as usual, but I have been reading you folks.

There's a window broken in my attic. There are strange animals up there that make evil noises. The cat pays them no attention. Bad kitty. Not quite sure how to rectify this problem. Perhaps I should pee up there or something.

I think I've been suffering from a little depression of late. Not sure why. I'm not desperately or suicidally depressed, just feeling overwhelmed, tired and helpless, and my self-image is not quite where it should be. It'll pass, I'm sure. Being sick can't be helping things any.

On a lighter note, Wulong is doing wonderfully :) I've even finally gotten Unreal Tournament to run at a high resolution in 32 bit colour mode. Me happy 'bout that :)

I'm also terribly addicted to this game as well, thanks to hatgnat.

And I received the most lovely giftie in the mail from compostheap. Thank you! *HUGS!*

Welcomes will have to wait 'til next time, but for now:

Happy Birthday

I wish you simple answers to complex questions, the ability to see the love that surrounds you, and music, laughter and happiness this year and always :)

Happy Belated Birthday

I wish you 200 games (we'll save 300 games for next year), a reexperienced childhood with your kids, an AC of at least 18, and great times spent with friends :)

Happy Belated Birthday

I wish you great happiness, and many fun times with mommy and muse and all those who love you :)

Happy Belated Birthday

I wish you much happiness and a most wonderful childhood :)

*hugs* to everyone.
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