April 23rd, 2002

rubbah and horns

Tales from the dark side

It was time. The moment of truth had come. I steeled myself, gathered all my courage, prayed, plugged it in and turned it on and...

...nothing happened. Oh, the little light inside was on, so I knew the mainboard was getting power... but nothing else was working. I'd triple-checked all the connections before I powered up, so I was at a loss. That's the problem with being thorough; if something goes wrong, you've got nothing left to check. I had almost lost hope when a little voice called to me... it must have been an angel. it said "Ldy! Oh, Ldy...

"...when you turn the power on, you also have to actually turn on the computer, too." And then the angel laughed at me. Yes, folks, I am an idiot. I had to laugh along.

I steeled myself, gathered all my courage and prayed once again, and as I pressed the non-existent button (I still had the faceplate off, which is probably why I didn't realize my gaffe in the first place-- excuses, excuses!), the fans started whirring! Hooray!

...and then there was this horrendous racket, like a band of demons starting up, but not nearly as harmonically as in that Charlie Daniels song. It sounded more like a psychotic chainsaw on crack, really. Boo!

I may be new to this racket, but I'm pretty sure that brandy-new state-of-the-art computers are not supposed to sound like psychotic chainsaws on crack.

I blanched. I panicked. I unplugged it. I took a moment to stop my hyperventilating and assess the situation. It had to be a fan, right? I checked every fan. Nothing. A hard drive? But how? But wait-- there, in that tiny space in between one of the front intake fans and the hard disk drive cage, was a neatly-tucked-away connector, tucked away neatly into a fan. I gently removed it. It really didn't belong there.

I steeled myself again, gathered all my courage again, prayed again and turned it on.

And it purred.

We have signal ^_^

Installed so far: OS (WIN2K), mainboard drivers and utilities, videocard drivers and utilities. Next up: IR cordless keyboard and mouse :) The blinkenlights are so delightful! ;D
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Happy Birthday, Shakespeare

Evidently, I hurt my back last night a bit worse than I'd thought. And I was intellectually, physically and emotionally exhausted. I ended up coming into work today ~12 (I wouldn't have made it in at all if my boss had not instructed me to stretch my hamstrings-- for some reason, that helped my back a lot).

The back's feeling much better now but I'm still rather drained, despite the extra sleep. I'm not looking forward to telling my friends at rehearsal tonight that I won't be joining them for Shakespeare this summer. I know they were counting on me, and looking forward to having me there. I was looking forward to it, too, so very much. Great play, great roles, great cast, and so stimulating and challenging... *sigh*

If anything though, my current state shows me, in detail, the effects of not acknowledging my limitations. And these effects are not pretty.

I hope I'm doing the right thing. This kills me. And I'm feeling so lost and alone.

And sorry for the increase in posts these last few weeks... I guess I've got a lot going on.
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