April 20th, 2002

rubbah and horns

Richter 5.1

Max and I awoke a little before 7a to what sounded like thunder, or a huge truck rolling down the road. The bed was shaking. I got up, and the room was shaking. Huge truck, indeed!

"Wow, is this an earthquake?" I wondered. Then it stopped, so we went back to sleep.

Yes, ldy, it was an earthquake!
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    birds chirping outside


Wow. I just spent four hours and forty-four* minutes on the phone with darkbloom.

Hee :) I think that's some sort of phone-call record for me.

In other news, I'm eating two all-beef patties a wonderful crabcake sandwich with jarlsberg cheese on a sesame seed bun, and a nummy salad.

And I'm drinking water!

Life is good.

* The number 4 has special significance in my life. Every apartment I've ever lived in has been a 4, and it seems to show up elsewhere in my life disproportionately more than other numbers (as does the number 13). I have to laugh ;)
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