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Ldy, the lemony, ligerish ducttaparian's Magic Treehouse of Lost Thoughts
A classy broad's life... with footnotes.
Please go here:

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I got the linkie from scottobear. I do believe wolfiegirl mentioned this in her journal, as well, though in reference to a movie, I think.

It rocks. You'll probably laugh when you see mine, and know all my secrets ;)

Thank you. :)

What is it with Ldy and lollipops, anyway?Collapse )

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What I hear: Been through the desert on a horse with no name. Not really.

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Is it aberrant behaviour to take nude pictures of oneself with one's ubersexy computer case?

...wait, don't answer that. It's too late anyhow.

So, yeah-- I got the rest of the parts in today!! I'd been waiting on the case, cpu/mobo/heatsink combo and video card. I expected to wait a couple more days on the case, so I'm pretty stoked.

To the PSU, and beyond!

I'll keep ya posted on my progress (which may be delayed for karaoke, we'll see).


Holy frijoles, batman-- I attach the PSU to this lovely mounting plate, then put it in from outside the case with thumbscrews. THIS ROCKS!

My first build, and I am already so very spoiled.

I try not to get attached to material things, but damn-- I love this case.

I'm feeling all kinds of: stoked!
What I hear: me being stoked!

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Well, I...
  • Got the PS into its mounting bracket and into the casea
  • Developed a real appreciation-- no, adoration-- for thumbscrews
  • Got the clips on the handy-dandy slide-out trayb
  • Got the mainboardc on the clips
  • Got the audio thingy connected to the mainboardd
  • Got the vidcarde connected to the mainboard
  • Got the Barracuda HDDs into their cagef
  • Got the jumpers adjusted on the HDDsg
  • Read a lot of manual-type schtuff
  • Gazed lovingly at my Frankenstein-in-progress many times
  • Chatted a bit here and there
  • Drank two Mike's Hard Lemonades and a glass of water
  • Put everything back together/away again so that Maxman doesn't try to build it himself or insulate it with fur while I'm gone

To bed with me. I'll definitely post a few pics of my adventure as it progresses.h

Goodnight, LJ. Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em and those who are willing to force nutcrackers and paperclips where angels fear to tread.

a I can't express how lovely and simple that was. It fit so perfectly that there was not even room to slip a sheet of paper between the PS and the case as it went in.
b With a nutcracker no less! Princess Improv don't need no steekin' pliers. Of course, E showed up with a pair five minutes later.
c It's surprisingly beautiful, with its purple doodads and yellow thingamajigs. Don't let me get all technical on you, now.
d It's something to do with the onboard sound. I'd elaborate, but it really wasn't covered in the manual at all (don't know why I bothered looking). It could only possibly connect in one spot, so that's where it went. I have a hidden y chromosome and don't need no manual nohow.
e Droooool. The thing has two filtered fans. It's amazing.
f They mount sideways-- it's really quite nice. Barracudas (barracudae?) belong in a cage. Because I'd destroy them otherwise (I don't care if they CAN handle 350G of pressure; I'd find a way. Fire works). See next footnote.
g [insert rampant cursing]-- JEEZ, MAN. I'm a strong little thing with nails, and I couldn't budge those suckers! I finally got them after wrestling with a paperclip for twenty minutes. Damn! What, did they glue 'em in there?!
h And may even venture forth and maybe possibly not commit to but hint at and perhaps even post the other pic friends-only sometime which I won't mention again right now because while it's sorta tame and not showing too much I'm kinda naked and damned shy to begin with. But the case looks good! Yes.
q Oh, like I need a secret footnote after that last doozy. Sheesh!

I'm feeling all kinds of: hot, tired, achy & rather happy
What I hear: me yawning

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