April 13th, 2002


Uhm, Galebird?

I really meant to lighten up that picture for you. And I did, I really did.

But then I fell in love with it and got carried away.

a flash of brilliance

For the curious, galebird's photography is really gorgeous, and I recommend you check her out :)

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I'm soooooo soooooooorry, mister refereeeee!

I am so sick, it's not funny.

I slept all day. Well, not all day. I got up to feed the cat, make coffee and peek at livejournal-- managed to get the cat fed, the coffemaker full of water and my computer booted up, and went back to bed.

I'm especially bummed I didn't get to see duinlas in albany today. I was looking forward to that so very much. I hope he didn't wait around looking for me.

I bought a bowling ball yesterday (it's SEXY!) at lunchtime and was planning on going to rock 'n bowl tonight... I'll write about the ball another time (maybe) and we'll see about rock 'n bowl. S'not looking so good right now.

I started reading my friends page, with zero energy to respond, and sidetracked by kelly_marie on http://www.steveswebpage.com/ Yeah, he is (was) "the guy in the green-striped shirt" from blues clues. I like his site. His band "songs for dust mites" is pretty good, too. Vaguely roughly earlyish radioheadish.

I'm eating a strawberry nutragrain bar and drinking coffee, and beginning to feel human again.

There. I've read all my friends posts. Didn't respond to but two, but I read. I still need to respond to stuff from my last entry (inspectorjury, you crack me up!), but that can wait 'til after my shower. You don't want me stinkin' up the place, do ya?
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