April 11th, 2002


Yes. I will build it.

Lian-Li PC61 USB
I drool. And I may eventually paint a bronze or gold dragon on the side.
NCIX - $140.00 + $16.41 + $2.10 = $158.51 - An excellent deal.

Motherboard, CPU and Heatsink:
SOYO Dragon Plus mobo
Athlon XP 1800+
Kingston 512MB DDR 64X72 PC266 Non-Parity Unbuf DIMM 2.5V CL2.5 ECC
Volcano 6 heatsink
Above will come assembled and fully tested, 24 hours burned-in, with 2 year warranty, 12 months new swap
accessmicro - $456.00 + $14.65 = $470.65 - A decent deal.

Graphics Board:
Leadtek Ti4600
Without doubt, my biggest splurge. Oh, I'm drooling
ATACOM - 449.95 + 12.69 = 462.64
PCShop1 - $424.99 + $11.97 = $436.96 - a great deal-- retails for $499

Hard Disk Drives:
Seagate 40GB Barracuda for proggies
Seagate 60GB Barracuda for data
~Oooh wontcha, barracuda!~ Yes, I'm a nut. I meant to get an 80 and a 9 or a 20, but didn't.
Newegg - ($77 + $98) + $14 = $189 -- another Very Nice Deal

Lite-on 16X (48X CD) OEM w/ software, black bezel
newegg - $67 + 5 = $72
No, it's not exciting. But it'll do. Shoot. It just dropped in price to $55! Go figure.

Plextor Plexwriter 40x12x40, black bezel
Newegg - $156.00 + $7 = $163

Power Supply:
Enermax EG365P-VE(FC) dual fan, sleep mode, gold-coated terminals
newegg - $57.00 + $6 = $63 (I was going to get a 400W, but this was actually better)

Hitachi CM721FB 19" flatscreen monitor
Newegg - $259 - $41 = $292 -- schweeet monitor at an attractive price

Logitech THX Z560 4.1 Speakers
Newegg - $131 + $25 = $156 -- schweeet sound system at an attractive price

Keyboard & Mouse:
Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical Mouse and KB
CruxWorks - $75.12 + $9 = $84.12 -- another decent deal; retails for $99

OS #1:
WIN2KPRO Full Retail Version
ZIPSTORAGE - $242.95 - free ship = $242.95 -- retails for $319

OS #2:
Some flavour or flavours of linux. I'll probably install more than one, since I have all this bloody room.
GNU - free - free - free

Newegg charged me an extra $2.35 s&h on my big order, I know not why. So much for combining orders to save on shipping!

So, yeah, I'm a nutcase. On the one hand, I almost can't believe I'm doing this; on the other, I'm strangely not worried about it. Perhaps I've finally feeling comfortable with my intelligence, have faith in the thoroughness of my research, and am blessed with knowledgeable online friends who will help me if I get lost.

Then again, perhaps I'm just in shock and will start freaking out when the parts finally begin to arrive. ;)

So... am I forgetting anything? (Besides a soundcard-- I've heard such good things about the Soyo's onboard sound that I want to check it out before going completely broke.) And will you help me build it? ;)
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rubbah and horns

Nothing like naked marsupials and lugging around 50-lb boxes to getcher heart going!

I come back to the office from lunch to find a naked kangaroo in my inbox (I am absolutely the luckiest girl in the world! :D), and a WHOLE MESS OF BOXES from newegg* by my desk. Will this stuff even fit into my car?** My stairwell? My apartment?***

I think it's gonna be a good day :)

* For the record, newegg was one of the last vendors I contacted, the one from which I ordered the most product, and the first to have product arrive. Yay, newegg!
** Yes *pantpant* it does.
*** Maybe,once I clean it!!
Addendum: the box from zipstorage with WIN2K also just arrived :)
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