March 21st, 2002

rubbah and horns


[cue fanfare]

As co-ruler co-Queen of LdyAlcestisville, I would like to announce that all LJ'rs in the great northeast area of the USA are now netizens of our domain (to be known as LdyAlcestisville-- at least, until the LALJbash is over). My co-ruler co-Queen is alcestis (pleased to meet you, btw).

Bribes, chocolate, sexual favours and MasterCard accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any or all donations.

I shall require the services of a jester, and a food taster.

And I could do with a drink.

And dancing-people. Lots of naked dancing-people. (Why bother being gender-specific about it?) And more drink.

Thank you.

That is all.

*strikes a haughty pose*

[cue fanfare]
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