January 26th, 2002


It's curtains for me!

So, we opened last night.

I raced around from the time I left work, to the time I had to be at the theatre, downloading, converting, and burning some preshow music the director wanted (but didn't think he could get). My computer kept crashing, and the software was fokking up. But I had it all done, with -1 minute to spare. Managed to finish-up writing out cards for the entire cast and crew while I was at it, too.

It was considerably stressing, but probably less so than having nothing to do at all. The music was perfect, and everyone loved the cards-- I'm glad I bothered.

We had a better turnout than we had expected. And the show was VERY different with an audience present.

We were concerned that the audience might just sit in stony silence because the subject material is so... sensitive, and thought-provoking.

But they laughed. Thank G-d! They laughed!! And in places we totally hadn't expected!

Afterward, we had a champagne toast, and went out for food and drinks. I won't bore you with the details.

I shall dance with my Mistress Acting again tonight, and tomorrow, and most of next week.

I think this show, and our dance, shall get even better as time goes by.

I hope so, anyway.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend : ) I'll be "back" when our song is over, and this dance is done.

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