December 13th, 2001


Resigned to Reality

The question is no longer:

How will I live if I quit this job?


How will I live if I don't?

There must be another way around this.

If it exists, I shall find it. But I refuse to die trying.
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    Bob Culbertson; A Moment in Time

This, too, shall pass. Re: my earlier post

I haven't time to respond individually... I had to work late (surprise!), then I went to get my glasses adjusted, but didn't; I couldn't wait for the optomotrist, as I had to zip on over to the tire place because my left front tire keeps going flat (they didn't have time to take care of it, either).

If you see that Murphy guy? Just let him know I'm lookin' for 'im... through crosshairs. ; P

And now, some quick cat lovin' in the ten minutes I have left before rehearsal. (Poor guy's been in the attic all day, so he needs it; and I sure need it, too. More than food, evidently.)

But thank you. Every one of you.

I am, indeed, very, very, blessed.

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    That damned corset sure does get around! (unrelated note)