November 29th, 2001


Pretty Crappy Privacy

Normally, I'd just add this to the end of my longass entry. But I thought it worthy of its own post, and didn't want others to have to scroll forever if you should decide to link to it.

This bothers me on a rather deep level:

For years, the FBI has been using technology to intercept the internet transmissions of the nefarious (Carnivore). Well, duh.

But now, they are developing a work-around to PGP (Pretty Good Privacy-- a way to encrypt your emails so they cannot be read by anyone other than your intended recipient), apparently by way of a trojan that logs your keystrokes.

Alone, this is probably not a bad thing at all.. But add it to the Patriot Act, and I question whether I even have a right to privacy anymore.

If you like having the right to some semblance of privacy on the 'net, please do poke at these a bit.

CyberKnight, or the Quest to quash PGP:


Tons more stuff can be found online if you but seek it.

Oh, and on an unrelated topic, please help SAVE FAQS.ORG, an invaluable resource which recently lost its funding. Thank you.
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Virus Alert for WIN9.x & WINME users

W32.BadTrans.B@mm is making the rounds (and has been for a couple days). It's a self-propogating worm that installs a keylogging backdoor trojan that checks for keywords (passwords, credit cards, etc.) on systems using WIN9.x or WINME OSs.

Odd timing, I know.

It's easily enough removed, though you might hit a bit of net slowdown as it propogates. It has become so widespread, that it has just knocked SirCam from Messagelab's daily top ten.

Will somebody please bring me some coffee? I still haven't gotten the hang of Thursdays, and have not yet learned to fly. Tanku : )

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled reality, already in progress.
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