September 28th, 2001


Going... down?

Hrm-- what's this fuzzy, frayed thing?

Oh! That must be the end of my rope!
*wide-eyed* Oh, shi i i i i i i i i . . .
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Proof that broadband is F A S T

I haven't even installed it yet, and I know how fast it is.

Monday, two neighbors told me that I had (had) a package on the front porch, but there was nothing there. Evidently, the dsl gateway had been delivered, and I hadn't been quick enough to catch it; by the time I got home from work, it had already gotten tired of waiting and took off.

Yesterday, I received a call from the dsl provider. I called back, and after about half an hour of being bounced in and out of the system, actually got to talk to a real, live person for more than two seconds! The nice gentleman informed me that he would send a replacement, and that said replacement would arrive Saturday or Monday (probably Monday), and that he'd instruct the carrier to get a signature.

This posed a dilemma. If it arrived Monday, I could sign for it at work... but if it arrived on Saturday, I was out of luck. I counted on the kindness of the neighbor who lives in the front, and instructed the nice gentleman to deliver it to her apartment.

So, after work today, I stopped by the neighbor's apartment to ask her the favour of signing for my package... and she handed me the replacement dsl.

Somehow, the nice gentleman shipped it last night, and it arrived this morning. From across the country.

I toldja it was fast.

I probably won't install it 'til Sunday anyway, as I plan on going to Six Flags New England tomorrow : D I'm gonna go poke at the instructions with a sharp stick now : )

Before I go, MANY thanks to the folks that caught me-- I was falling hard and really appreciate the effort... more than you know, really *smoooch!*
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