September 9th, 2001


~What can you do, you're in a stew~

Well, I've finally begun catching up on old entries. Go, me. Only took a month ; P And there's only all of SIGGRAPH, dinner with da Mouse, and all of DRAGONCON to go 'til I'm caught up!! *kathunk!*

In the meantime, I'm resizing all my Dragon*Con pics and putting them up elsewhere. I'll post a linkie when it's all done.

Despite the fact that I've not been sleeping much of late at all, I got my butt out to Northern Lights in Clifton Park Friday night to see Deep Banana Blackout.

I met a group of friends (Rachel, Mike, Pete, and, uhm, I'm brainfarting on my other friends' names, but they both have awesome dreads) in the Stockade and we all piled in Pete's SUV and went to the show.

$12 cover?! Yeeps. Not only is that a bit steep, but it meant that nobody would want to leave early (and I was EXHAUSTED and DAMNED HUNGRY). By the second set, though, I didn't care : D

Played some awesome pool against an even-more-awesome pool player and wandered around the first set, then did nothing but DANCEDANCEDANCE the second!

I was flattered when the Very Sexy saxaphonist kept staring at me the first set. Even more so when the Very Sexy lead singer kept pointing her finger at me and smiling the second set ; ) (Maybe my hair was sticking straight up or something, who knows.)

I like the new lead singer (OK, so she's not so new anymore-- but this was the first time I'd seen her). She's got a lot of soul, and rocks on both sax and flute.

I also ran into my-other-brother-Dave, xso, xso's-brother, Mikey B and Adam. MB kept saying I was a dead ringer for Gillian Anderson (xso just rolled his eyes). Bizarre.

I think I'm getting one of those sinus things I get, so last night I just hung out at home and played catch up on the computer.

Today I'm off to a wedding reception... I've yet to get a gift, and can't remember the groom's name. STEVE! Yes, it's Steve. Whew. (Hey, I've only met him once!)

Happy Belated Birthday

I wish you every happiness in the coming year. I've known you for quite awhile now, and enjoy your posts and have fond memories of your old TERN poems and Purse o' the Day postings : ) I hope we get to meet next time I'm in LA!

I have an enormous number of welcomes... I hope I can get them all!!! (If I missed you, kindly let me know, and I'll apologize profusely and rectify that situation.)
Welcome, badmammajamma, dewhitton, gooroo, heavenli_angel, i, karmicunderpath, ktm, tenderroni

Goddess of The Institute for Promotion of Porno Web Sites, Miss LdySaphyre Lindsay
All signs point to "yes"

Baroness of Films and Black Helicopter-like Things, LdySaphyre Horseradish Cooper
Maybe now they'll forget about the "Banana Incident"


Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who fancy a bite.
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