August 29th, 2001


up all night, the elephants graveyard ain't the place to be

worked hard all day
went to maul mall for 4+ hours
got depressed/frustrated while trying on jeans
need new thighs or
need to stop shopping where teenagers shop
bought a bunch of stuff anyway
and a lot of other stuff, too
lots of too much stuff
saw xso's bro
got hugged
came home
did some proofing for my friend
had some great conversation
did a coat on the nails
some other stuff
updated kb driver
discovered i'd gotten logged off lj
having trouble keeping eyes open
going to sleep now.

had first rehearsal for improv group
we wore silly hats
and got our pictures taken
for publicity
that's all
one (more) rehearsal
before our first performance
i know we can do it
just not sure what we do.

work early work work work work late
handle correspondence and bill-paying at work
if i can
go to walmart's from work
if i can
go to class from wherever
come home
no sleep, pack more
leave early am thurs for dragon*con.

having trouble keeping eyes open
going to sleep now.

the birthdays, the friends,
the entries i've jotted notes on
will wait
i hope.

*hugs* i hope you are well g'night.
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