August 20th, 2001


Welcome... to Scharfebilder Island.

I'm sick. Have so many things to do... and coloured instead of doing any of them.


I shouldn't be mad at myself for making time in my life to colour. I'll just keep telling myself that for a bit, if you don't mind.

On second thought, I'd rather wish a couple people very happy birfdays instead of talking to myself further, so:

Happy Birfday mobley!
Happy Belated Birfday sadie!

I have few regrets in this world... but two are that I didn't get to meet either of you when I went west (or Miss Sadie's beautiful and brilliant mom, for that matter). Someday, someday...

Well, enough of my ramb-illings. Before I go, though...

Welcome stephy_banana!
Pleased to meet you : )

(btw, you's da Hundred Girlie, which is special in and of itself ; ) )

There are so many entries on which I'd like to comment, and so many emails to which I should REALLY respond... and bills to pay, and cat to brush, things to unpack, and clothes to wash, and, and, and...

~...and I've got pirates in low places, where the warez burns, and the pron chases, IE away...~

What was I just saying?

Oh, yeah. I'm (obviously) sick go sleep now bye kathunk

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