August 19th, 2001


Excuse me while I drool on your software


I'm back from LA!! I saw me friend! I met the fabulous dufresne! I went to Universal Studios! I went to Didneyland! I was acknowledged as a professional photographer and granted a media pass at SIGGRAPH (Land of the Multiple Geekgasms!)! I had my drink dusted with some date rape drug at a wild hollywood party where naked people hulahooped with fire (and I lived to tell the hallucinatory tale)!! And Eman CLEANED my APT while I was gone!!!

And I saw the most beautiful mouse...

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

There's so much I want to tell you... I took about a zillion pics, and downloaded them to me friend's laptop. I should be getting a disk in the mail this week.

And then I'll share more.

In the meantime...


I'm sorry I missed it... Wishing you much creativity and happiness this coming year, and always

I hope your soap-opera life runs for a zillion years and gets picked up by all the major networks : )

And a big brainy belated welcome to sir_lance_a_lot : )

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and anyone who can get me a dongled copy of Maya, Lightwave 7, Shake and Tremor, or Combustion. ; )

(and/or a computer that actually has enough power to run them)
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