July 31st, 2001


Macbeth doth murder sleep

<-= Exhausted
<-= Put play to bed Sunday night
<-= Hasn't the sense to put self to bed for any length of time
<-= At work now
<-= Saw Dave Matthews last night
<-= Didn't so much see DM as just hang-out on the lawn listening and looking dazed

One of these days, I WILL get more than four hours sleep.

In a bizarre fit of self-restraint, I have opted not to see A Midsummer's Night Dream in Lennox, Massachusetts tonight. Yaaaaay *KATHUNK*

Tonight: paperwork/housework/install Adobe/create t-shirts for cast/sleep, Wed: class, Thu: cast party (who the heck schedules a cast party for a Thursday night? : P), Fri: something, Sat: laundry/shopping... have to fit in working on friend's marketing somewhere in there, too... and prepping for the CA and GA trips...

...oh, whom am I kidding. I'll be happy to survive beyond lunch.


colouring is good wholesome fun
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Building a better Fledermaus-trap

Oh, this is too funny... I've been chuckling for the last ten minutes at my own ignorance.

I've been all wound-up about getting these T-shirt transfers printed up for the Macbeth people, right?

I needed to be able to flip the text (so that the words wouldn't show backwards once the transfer was applied)... but couldn't import either the original file or a PDF into GIMP (I should easily be able to do the latter, at least). So I got Adobe 4.05 from work (I had been using 3.0), installed it, restarted, played around with it, created a new PDF...

...and it still didn't work.

In desperation, I did a printscreen (I was hoping not to have to do that... I had the impression that doing so might create an entire white background behind the text*), saved it as a bmp, popped it into GIMP, flipped it, opened the package and...

...discovered that my PRINTER will FLIP text AUTOMAGICALLY.

I am such a Dorkermaus!! ; P

* Not the case. Which I also would have discovered upon opening the package : P
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