July 29th, 2001


The Cat Came Back, I'd Thought He Was a Goner, but...

I'd pretty much given up hope... he ALWAYS comes when I call him, and I'd been calling him all day.

But he's home now; safe, happy, hungry, tired, filthy, affectionate, and shedding furiously.

And I'm so very happy he's back.


Credits (in no particular order):
Thank you, St. Francis.*
Thank you, Mother Mary.*
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you, God.
Thank you, lj peoples : )
Thank you, possible random neighbor who might have locked me cat in yer basement inadvertently (I'll never know for certain).

He seems so smug... Damn, but I wish he could tell me about his adventures!

* No, I'm not Catholic. But praying to St. Francis struck me as a great idea, and Mary had this lovely shrine in the Cathedral, and she seemed so... maternal, so I thought I'd ask for her help, too.
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