July 27th, 2001



I awoke with a migraine. Called in, said I'd be in later.

I awoke later with a migraine. Called in, said I wouldn't be in.

I awoke again with a migraine.

This is just awful. My head is splitting, and I'm nauseous as all get-out. I'm cold, shaking, and so tired that I can barely keep my head up.

And I can think of nothing that might have caused this condition.

I haven't been able to eat all day. Ijust made some Maple & Brown Sugar™ oatmeal, but it doesn't look very palatable.

I'm supposed to be at the show by 5:30. Thinking I might be there by 6:00.

In other news, the play got panned by at least one local paper. But I got a positive one-line mention of "And [Ldy] has some fun with the Porter."

What can I say? That porter, he is a charmer. ; )

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY kenwalker! I wish you the best year yet.

I have twenty minutes before I'm supposed to leave, and still have to shower and everything in this incapacitated state.

Please wish me luck.
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