July 18th, 2001



1. The play has an endingA
2. The cathedral has bats
3. My psychic neighbor has cancer and a $10 loanB
4. My knee has a nasty bruise
5. The Taco Bell up the street has closedC
6. Starwars fever has gone too far
7. The postcard from China has been received : )
8. My cat has decided he wants OUTD
7. Ldy has little capability for rational thought atm
8. This has been fun
9. I has to go fall down now

Welcomes to mattcallow, happymrlocust, and tigerldy
I look forward to getting to know you better when I am infinitely more conscious.

And welcome back beatnikside.


A We ran through the whole thing. It is a "two-hour adaptation" (that takes three hours). Hence the lateness of the hour (see B).
B She talked to me and talked to me and talked to me when I got home... apparently, my man has another woman who might be involved in the play, and great things await me. She also needed $10. Are these things related?
C HORRORS! I miss one week of Sunday nachos, and everything goes to hell!
D Kitty will have to cope with IN.
E Oh, great Magic8Ball˜, will I be famous? "Don't quitcherdayjob count on it." My, but that's very good advice!
F Goodnight, Toledo! ~Jackie-Chan, Jackie-Chan Chan Chan~
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