July 2nd, 2001


The Itchy and Scratchy Show

Am covered head-to-toe in serious sun-poisoning.

I tried to stay out of the sun and used a lot of 45 sunblock over the weekend... well, let's just say that I won't be using the spray-on schtuff anymore.

Not even remotely up to going to work today... slept ALL day, with occasional forays out of bed to answer the phone, or read a little Harry Potter (4th book now), or apply liberal amounts of aloe vera gel with lidocaine.

I usually skip sunburn and go right to sun-poisoning, but this is the worst I think I've ever had it.

Don't get me wrong-- I'll live... but I'm probably not much fun to be around right now : P

I'll catch up with Gathering of the Vibes pics and Belated Birthday Wishes next time.

Hoping you're all well and happy : ) *smoooch*
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