May 17th, 2001


Hi. Suppose you're going nut-gathering.

Recent random schtuff about me...
  • Apparently, I'm Bjork

  • I've visted Furcadia

  • I tipe gud (but not as qyuklee as zed)
    Percentage Accuracy : 100%
    Percentage Inaccuracy : 0%
    Characters per minute : 350 cpm
    Characters per second : 5 cps
    Words per minute : 64 wpm
    Words per second : 1 wps
    Total Speed status : Too Good
    Overall Accuracy : Absolutely Spot on

  • I've learned the value of tensing up and screaming really loud (that sounded much kinkier than what I had actually meant...)

  • I'm 41.0% LiveJournal FREAK

  • I thoroughly cleaned The Pantry of Doom (but will our heroine survive her fateful meeting at The Sink of Many Dishes?!)

  • I've joined Baf & SJJ's gang, yo

  • I was honored

  • I'm permanent (as opposed to wash-out?)

  • I'm not a silly little kitty, I'm a wylde tygryss

  • I met someone terribly smart

  • I was called clever by someone terribly clever

  • I discovered I use certain words too terribly often

  • I may have lost part of a filling : /

  • I'm still missing my friend

  • I really didn't feel like going to bellydancing tonight (for a change)... and oddly enough, it's been cancelled (yay)

  • I'm going to bed at a decent hour! Really; I swear it! STOP LAUGHING AT ME!

  • *smoooch*

May you exploit others with your perversions forevermore : )

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who remember their adverbs.
  • Current Music
    Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me