May 12th, 2001


So long, and thanks...

Douglas Adams, 49, died Friday.

Here's a link to the NYTimes obit (you need to be signed in to see it, but registration with them is free).

The fantasist in me desperately mourns his death. The pragmatist in me hopes Disney doesn't screw things up. The realist in me strongly suspects that they will.

Adams influenced my life in ways I can't even begin to relate here. I'll surely miss him.

In other news, my clothes, my car, and, indeed, the entire neighbourhood, are now covered in orange fur from our little trip to the Vet. Mr. Kitty survived the expedition. However, the tartar buildup on his teeth requires another visit in future-- a rather expensive one, during which he will be anesthetized. Not thrilled about that prospect.

Do You...
Smoke?: *sigh* yes
Do drugs?: Used to... now I appear to limit myself to the legal wonders of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and miscellaneous self-produced hormones like seratonin and adrenaline.
Have sex?: Yes, I keep it in a metal tin in the pantry. What do you mean, do I have sex? I could understand have I had sex?, or am I having sex now?, or will I ever have sex again? (sigh).... but, do I have sex? uhm, ...maybe. With other people? I ain't tellin'.
Sleep with stuffed animals?: No, just one. And a fat cat. And sometimes (not often enough) a horse.
Live in the moment?: Usually. I just did... there. And there. But not there (mind wandered off, sorry).
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No, just a boyfriend.
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: Nope. But my dreams are frequently continued, like bad end-of-season sitcoms.
Believe there is life on other planets?: Uncertain, thought I think it's likely that there is life somewhere other than on our planet.
Remember your first love?: Yup!
Still love him/her?: Sure! I really hope he's well, wherever he is. I should probably seek him out one of these days, just to surprise him : )
Read the newspaper?: At least the comics, every day ; P
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yes
Believe in miracles?: yes
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: Anything's possible... and indeed, I'd like to believe that very much. : )
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: Rather.
Consider love a mistake?: No mistakes, only Happy Accidents. Love is never a mistake. ...unless you meant to type "live" or "lope." In that case, love would be a Happy Typo.
Like the taste of alcohol?: Ew, heavens no. Ever drink straight alcohol?! It's not the alcohol that makes great beer or wine great! (Mmm... beer and wine...)
Have a favorite candy?: No, I love them all (Mmm... sweet, sweet candy...), though I'm particularly fond of Ghirardelli dark chocolate atm.
Believe in astrology?: It has been my experience that one's sign appears to influence one's nature. But that's about it.
Believe in magic?: Believe in the magic of rock and roll? Believe in the magic in a young girl's soul? Believe in Sigfreid and Roy and their rather odd friendship? Sure!
Believe in God?: Yeah, we're like this. Since you can't see what I'm doing when I say "this," well, it's kinda pointless to say that. But yes. I don't know if my definition of G-d is at all the same as yours, though.
Pray?: Every day. Well, every week day. I am often remiss on weekends.
Go to church?: Very, very rarely. Unless you mean the same thing I mean when I think about church... in which case, not often enough.
Have any secrets?: A couple ; )
Have any pets: Yes, a Most Awesome Kittykat.
Do well in school?: School of Life? I'm not sure what my ongoing grade is, though I do keep getting tested for some reason... I didn't do very well in academia, if that's what was meant here. I probably would if I were to return.
Go to or plan to go to college?: Maybe... Maybe Harvard for a summer, if I can just pick up and go. My father keeps putting that ivy bug in my ear.
Have a major?: I've never dated anyone in the armed forces.
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: sometimes... oh message. Sometimes.
Wear hats?: As opposed to eating them? Yes!
Have any piercings?: My wail... Oh. Right ear double-pierced, left ear single-pierced. Considering a belly-button piercing since I have no children and am not required to act my age in any way.
Have any tattoos?: Not yet.
Hate yourself?: No, but I did once upon a time.
Have an obsession?: Never been fond of Calvin Klein perfumes.
Have a secret crush?: (yes, it's grape! whoops-- it's not a secret anymore...)
Do they know yet?: (no, my softdrinks are not sentient!)
Collect anything?: Dust.
Have a best friend?: I've got two or three : )
Wish on stars?: Do I look like paparazzi to you? Oh, those stars. Yes, when I'm not swinging on them. Would you rather be a fish? (...a fish is an animal that lives in the sea).
Like your handwriting?: Usually, yes-- it's very neat and twisted. I make an effort to scrawl my signature though, so pharmacists will mistake me for a doctor.
Have any bad habits?: Many. But that doesn't make me a nun out of detergent.
Care about looks?: STOP LOOKING AT MEEE! Seriously, though... to a certain extent, depending on the context.
Believe in witches? I'm not a witch, but I play one in a cathedral, so, yeah.
Believe in Satan?: Yes, but it's spelled Seyton, and (s)he's just some dude who shows up near the end of the play (if you don't understand the reference, don't worry about it).
Believe in ghosts?: I believe in spirits... and I'm thinking I should go indulge in some right now...

Cheers, Douglas... you will be very missed...
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