May 11th, 2001


Don't forget yer Fishin' Goggles!

Whew. Mustard Catch-up time.

Went to Park Fest last Sunday. Whattahoot! Lots of SUNYA students learning how not to drink ; ) Got to see Conehead Buddha, though, and They Might Be Giants : D (They played all my favourites, too-- yum!)

People just liked it better that way.

My friend A (that's her, lower right) decided to show us how to climb this thing. QUEEN OF THE (INFLATABLE RUBBER) MOUNTAIN!

She's in the Reserve, and a runner. Quite the athletic young thing. But she simply couldn't do it. M tried... same thing. The gent who had accompanied us also tried... no luck. *whistles with a sheeteatin' grin* I attribute my successful ascent to... well, I honestly don't know. Perhaps I've finally switched over to assuming I can instead of assuming I can't. Thinking this is a Very Good Sign.

Monday-- what the heck did I do Monday? Too long ago. Forgeddaboudit. Wait... I dozed in front of the 'puter, that's what I did (surprise, surprise!).

Tuesday-- workworkworked, went to class. Learning about anger this month. Very interesting.

Wednesday-- workworkworked, went to rehearsal. Dropped in lines. Very interesting.

Thursday-- workworkworked, then to bellydancin' (just M and I this time). Class is advancing nicely : ) Nachos were good. Ran into The Man with the Hat on the way out again. (Very interesting.)

Friday-- workworkworked, ranabunchaerrands, drankadaquiribymelonesome, rananothererrand, collapsedinfrontadakb. Not terribly interesting... which is why I'm journaling ; P

Tomorrow-- off to the Vet (Kitty's due for some boosters, and we really must address that little flea incident from last week : P), then to watch some of my bellydancing teacher's students perform at the Festival of Nations, then to laundrification, then to... who knows? All my closest friends are working, and my sweetie will be afk... I shall go... somewhere... yes, somewhere.

I see the oddest schtuff when I'm out...

If you miss, you'll almost certainly get a bruise from the door jamb.

And the burrito place wins the "Most Interesting Diptych for a Place What Don't Serve Fish" Award...

Don't forget yer fishing goggles!The dreaded wyld wiretooth salmon!
Ach! Stuck between a fish and a hard face... *runsaway*

Hm. What to do this evening, what to do...

I'll give a hearty *Welcome!* to fellow daisy/daizee lovah galebird, that's what I'll do!

And now I'll heat up some frozen pizza, drink some cheap wine, and chat with my sweetie... Ah, this is the good life, I swear it : )

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't forget their Fishin' Goggles.
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