February 20th, 2001


Beware, beware; be a very wary bear

Nasty itchy hives-- CHECK
Sinus infection-- CHECK
Overwhelming urge to go back to bed (where I've been all day)-- CHECK
Yup, I'm sick. :/
(I'll be back later when I'm not quite so pathetic.)
Hope you folks are having a better day than I!
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Boring trivial life stuff JUST FOR YOU! Please add $10.25 shipping and handling.

In the past few hours...
I thwapped my knee against the door jamb to my bedroom (HARD-- OW!)
Mr. E brought me chicken soup and white grape juice wit' peach (what an awesome friend he is)
Cleaned the litterbox (I won't tell you how bad it was)
Paid for me cool new boots (yay, paypal)
Lost out on a very cool dress (eh, wasn't paying attention)
Almost bought a rather expensive piece of custom leather apparel (very cool... but very pricey... and no, it was not another pair o' boots :P)
Cleaned and bleached the nasty humidifier (and got a wild shock when I tried to turn it on :P)
Got a distinctly unevil Valentine (aww, gee, gawsh... didn't expect that ::blushes::)
Drugged up the cat (mmm... Cosmic Catnip!)
Et the chicken noodle soup (no msg, neither!) and drank much white grape juice. (Mmm... cheers)
Rinsed the air cleaner I keep going in my room 24/7/365 (note to self: clean weekly)
Took the last of the colostrum (there is more, somewhere... find it, I will)
Spent much too much time on lj (yeah, so what else is new :P)

Am beginning to feel much better. I mean, just look at all the parentheses!! Hope I'm up for work tomorrow... there is so much to be done.

Thanks to all for the good thoughts :) They are so greatly appreciated!!

Goodnight Toledo and All The Ships at Seaworld!! ...or something. I'm outtie!

Back to bed I go!!
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    Captain and Tenille - Love Will Keep Us Together (heheh)