February 1st, 2001


Blondes have more fun, redheads have more _________?


Oh, it's SO delish ;)

I feel so... adult. Et très frais (Did that translate correctly? Pardon my French; haven't spoken it in years...). Great-- Now I just need new makeup, new clothing and to lose ten pounds (or firm up what I've got... Gee-- kinda wish I'd thought of that before the lasagne!) : P

In other news... ran into my x last night while buying luggage in a mall the size of a small city. Too bizarre, that... yet so completely par for the course. But I still bought a WAY COOL SUITCASE. And I didn't get guilted out for allocating money to Important Medicine, or for not being madly in love with him anymore. Go, me.

And I've got belly-dancing tomorrow! Woohoo! And a pool tournament on Saturday... really wish I had a couple free hours to practice and brush up on tournament rules, but oh well. I still have a chance... maybe the Powers that Be will conspire to help me win the purse and help rescue a cello or something.

Ack! Every time I look into the mirror, I'm taken aback. "Gee, Leeloo, lookin' dy-no-mite-- glad you lost the whole band-aid look, it was getting old..." (snicker!)

Yowza... I'm a REDHEAD.


Qui est cette fille sexy et chic?


; )

Don't fret; this whole narcissistic kickass attitude will probably fade in a short while and I'll be back to my somewhat more eccentric and blissfully childlike self

Lessee... I got a WHOLE LOTTA WELCOMES this time around... might as well do it in rhyme!!
B is for beatnik sidearm, (a gun that shoots sheer cool?)
S is for shadowjockey (obviously, nobody's fool!)
D is for (miz) daizee, (drivin' on her bicycle built for two)
M is for mouseferatu (Hey! I look like Leeloo, not Leloo!)
Hey, that spelled BSDM. *cough*
S is for soulstorage (my sweet sisterchild dear)
S is also for starlazdaze (even drafty, she's sans peer)
A is for n5iln (no, wait-- A is for ALAN!)
V is for voodoolimbo (such a sweet Valentine in love with his Lady Ann)
Hey, that spelled SSAV. *cough*
Ok, so the rhyme scheme was pretty pathetic. I can get away with stuff like that, now that I have red hair.

OK-- bedtime for this rockin' redhead! I'll catch up with you folks tomorrow (hopefully, I'll get my arse back on IRC tomorrow or Friday, too-- I especially miss my moonfriends and the lj crew.). Hugs 'til we meet again : )
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