November 23rd, 2000


Happy Turkey Day, Everyone

I'm in a terrible mood, really, but I've really got a lot for which to be thankful...

  • I can love... and be loved

  • I can see miracles in everday events

  • I am awed by nature

  • I have some truly wonderful friends (yes, this likely means you :) )

There are a lot of specifics I could list, but that could take all night... and I've got phone calls to make...

...but in the meantime, I sure dun liked this card a whole lot, thought you nice folks might enjoy it too :) *

This crazy old turkey farmer dun cracked me up!
(click it, 'cuz it's topical, pretty quick, an' it'll make ya laugh!)

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

* Apologies to darktrain

A big welcome to the fascinating rillifane, and the provocatively-topicnaming Max!

And Happy Thanksgiving, Mom, I miss you.
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    that danged turkey farmer