November 18th, 2000

rubbah and horns

I'm sorry.

I have returned from Florida. I had a lot of things I wanted to catch up with here in lj land...

...but I'm just too damned sad. Seriously rock-bottom sad. And no, I don't really care to elaborate, even if you do ask nicely.

I don't even care to be comforted, strange as that might sound.

Ever feel like that?

Well, I have to go to a housewarming with xso. Very Nice Person just bought house... maybe seeing him and his nifty new environs will cheer me up.

Welcomes will have to wait for a happier entry. I'm sorry.
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rubbah and horns

I'm less sorry than before

I sang showtunes in the shower :) It cheered me up, because I can actually hear a difference in my voice from not smoking. Ees gud!! Perhaps I shall audition for a musical someday :D

Also listened to msgs left on my machine while I was gone... most were happy-and-lovey-missyous, and only one was freaky-and-likely-from-an-exbf-from-way-back.* I really must get caller ID one of these days, if only to satiate my curiousity.

Warm happy welcomes to non-dairy apple ice-cream, the lovely lady who brought faith like a coconut to my shoe-box soul. I probably should've welcomed you before when I was intensely internal, but I believe I was deserving of a meloncholy day. ;)

More welcomes to adrian, and julie. They are other people, too, so I'm not sure if I should welcome them. But I did, because they're so nice. (I have smallnessed this sentence to protect their identities :P)

* (Do you get snippets of "Anything for you" on your answering machine? And if you did, would you have difficulty pinpointing the source? I have three likely suspects, none of whom I've seen in ten years or more (although two phone me fairly irregularly-- and yes, I do screen my calls) :P) Urk.
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