November 13th, 2000

rubbah and horns

Me and my odd notes:

  • Enormous sightless ceramic birds with their wings tied tightly to their bodies do not instill confidence when displayed within the confines of an airport.

  • Was distressed that I had not insisted upon luncheoning with a very dear ol friend whose city I was to be passing through (2-hour layover) while traveling... but as it turned out, my flight was changed, and I missed his city completely anyway :P

  • U.S. Airways rules! When the first leg of my flight was delayed beyond reason (or at least beyond my making the second flight), the airline graciously offered me a trip on a different set of planes that arrived at my destination even earlier than my planned flight, and in First Class :)

  • First class... big seats, real china (for a snack on a two-hour flight :P), sandwiches on focaccia bread, tasty cheesecake... I've been SPOILED. I really should consider making more money... and spending it on something as frivilous as this... it was truly delightful.

  • I love my daddy. My stepmom, too. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with my dad growing up, so I'm glad I have an opportunity to hang out with him now :)

  • Altoids are a marvelous replacement for cigarettes, even if my stepmom calls them "Deltoids" ;)

  • Did you know that people advertise for mates in the back of ivy-league alumni magazines? It's true. They're all brilliant, gorgeous, and scintillating conversationalists, too. Simply amazing!

  • Episcapalianism==Catholic Lite! All the guilt, half the Latin! I was trying to be clever there; I can tell it didn't work. Got to take communion with some swell Floridians, tho :) Can't remember the last time I did that (well, with the Floridians, never). Episcapalian... yup, it's a fun word to say out loud. No offense intended to anyone whom this bullet might have offended.

  • Met a very nifty individual today, who hosts sites, writes software reviews, is heavily into graphics, cons and rp, advocates linuxcy and fires large-caliber weapons. Odder yet: my dad introduced us :P

  • Geckos are way cool!

  • I would like that 41-ft boat, please. I would rather not have it covered in leather... but do keep the Italian washer/dryer machine and the cedar closets. Yum. I will have to pay you tomorrow, as I seem to be lacking $500k in pocket change; dreadfully sorry.

  • I ate-- get this-- a deep fried hotdog today. It was one of the tastiest things I have ever ingested. I have no explanation for this phenomenon.

  • I learned my dad was born just months before the great depression. Yow. What timing! That couldn't have been easy on his parents, or him.

  • There was an alligator in the back yard, doo-wah, doo-wah.

  • I will have to catch up with email another day.

  • Frozen yogurt is magic. Sudden inspiration for geeky band name: #Pray for frogurt.

In general, I am catching up on sleep, getting some exercise and some sunshine, and eating well. Too well. It is good :)
And now I sleep.
Hope your lives are full and happy, too :)
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