November 5th, 2000

rubbah and horns

Stupid barbarians... :P

                      /           \
                     /    REST     \
                    /      IN       \
                   /     PEACE       \
                  /                   \
                  |      qarnic       |
                  |      124 Au       |
                  |   killed by a     |
                  |  kitten, while    |
                  |     helpless      |
                  |                   |
                  |       2000        |
                 *|     *  *  *       | *

Goodbye qarnic the Barbarian...

You died in The Dungeons of Doom on dungeon level 1 with 1024 points,
and 124 pieces of gold, after 3180 moves.
You were level 5 with a maximum of 61 hit points when you died.

OK, tell me that's not funny ;)

In other news, Jet Set Radio (Sega, import) is a BLAST. Visually intense, eminently playable and highly disturbing. Crazy soundtrack, too (crazy==good, in this specific context). Highly recommended for hip, youthful adults with a sense of humor who don't mind occasional nightmares of riot police. Yipes-- I may have to get a Sega now! Sidenote: they're planning on adding American music to the US release, so get one now before they ruin it!!

Oh, and Crazy Taxi was a hoot, too :)

I need to get back to TR:LR one of these days... (heh, note to self: find time to finish FF:VII and begin TR:III and The Wheel of Time someday, too) :P

So, what, if anything, are you playing these days?

Before I run off to tackle housework... Welcome, tillytollo! Love them lyrics and pics! :)
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