October 26th, 2000

rubbah and horns


Blast. Had this whole thing written, then got something worse than the BSOD... namely, The Black Screen of No Return.


Discovered a nifty thing today...
Not only can I wear a ladies' 6 ½, but I can also wear a girls ("young womens'") size 4 shoe :) (Note: I can also wear a boys' size 4, but not a men's size 6 ½... these shoe sizes really confuse me!).

What this means in simple terms:
a.) I can now wear stuff that's waaaay to funky for "adults"
b.) Said things are cheeeeeeeap!

I couldn't find the nicely-alliterative silk(-like) slippers, but I did find a pair of these nifty thirteen-dollar things (oh, go ahead-- click on it!):

much cooler in person, or on person

The pic doesn't quite capture it, but they're very glittery... in the same greenish shade of glitter as my fingernails, and of these:

wing it

Oh, yesssssss.

In other news...
LdySaphyre == sylph dearie :)
LdySaphyre == hydra yelps :P

Hope you're having a beautiful night :)
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