October 5th, 2000

rubbah and horns

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First off, a big welcome to absolution and estokes! Happy you're here!

Not much going on here tonight... feeling a bit unproductive... still haven't gotten around to making that cake, getting my eyes checked, writing the check for my car insurance, adding folk to my lj, or getting caught up with rl and ol correspondence... but at least I'm finally catching up with a bit of laundry next door.

Did see a gorgeous owl in the yard, though (I'm assuming it's of the barn variety). Haven't ever seen one of those around here before (at least, not so near the house). So, it would seem I've been blessed by the owl spirit... (a Very Good Thing-- I think it's safe to say I could do with a bit more wisdom... though these cravings for small rodents are making me a wee bit uncomfortable :P)

This thing still will not die, despite the heavy beatings it has endured. Why not stop by and take a swing at it? C'mon, jump right in anywhere. It won't bite... (non-bitingness not guaranteed.) All it requires is a couple of minutes and an expansive imagination... or an hour and a few drinks. Your choice :)

nighty night, bunny wabbits... I'm switching the laundry, hunting for tasty rodents and hitting the hay.
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