September 11th, 2000

rubbah and horns

Ten years after

I had a delightful weekend. Came home from work to find a silly card in my mailbox from one of my best friends celebrating the fact that we'd known each other ten years. Improvised a spinach dip that turned out to be quite tasty. Played some surprisingly-good pool at a fun party that was full of people I hadn't seen in awhile who were genuinely happy to see me (and I, them). Received and reciprocated a great many hugs. Slept on a recliner and awoke to old Warner Brothers cartoons. Ate a big broccoli and Swiss omelette. Watched a bit of the US Open. Went skeet-shooting. Played poker, won the pot. Socialized with friends and played more pool at the local yokel bar. Had a quiet Sunday, then saw Rent (which was even better than I had expected).

Today, I'm home sick from work :(

I must admit... although missing work is a BAD thing (no-one else can do my work for me, so the rest of this week will be EVIL), I am finding getting sick on a Monday preferable to getting sick on a Friday. :)

I hope to catch up on email and postings when my fever abates. was your weekend?
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