September 7th, 2000

rubbah and horns

Roquefort files

Finally cleared out the old files that were behind my desk at work.

Among the treasures found therein were my old GSIII maps, and Myth's MegaZeux Lexicon (July '98).

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    Mickey Hart's Mystery Box-- Where Love Goes (sito)
rubbah and horns

Mm. Is that... bacon?

I am beginning to believe in The LaTraviata Conspiracy.

Random thought... wouldn't it be interesting to have something that showed your degrees of separation from another's lj? (Your friends would all be one degree from you, their friends would be two degrees from you, etc., etc.)

Just a thought. I should sleep before I have any more of those; they're beginning to annoy me.

Nighty night, bunny wabbits.