September 6th, 2000

rubbah and horns


Wheeeeeeee-- busy, busy, busy!

First off...
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, Joe and LaTraviata! Sorry I'm late... hope you had happy b-days... and may the year to come be simply fantabulous for you both!

Thanks to everyone who wrote, please keep writing! (teeheehee... will do something like this again soon, for certain :) )

Apologies to my irc/aim friends et al... been remarkably busy of late. Haven't forgotten you... just haven't had much time online. :(

Fourthly (oh, that doesn't sound right at all)...
My condolences to all of ye who are beginning another school year. (Pity us poor fools who pull 8-to10 hour days ALL YEAR LONG :P)

Fifthly (eep, that sounds worse)...
Nice nudenew pics, folks-who-have-changed-them :)

Wheeeee! Adrenaline is a wonderful motivator, dontchathink? Must work more now... hope to bbs.

Be well and happy 'til we meet again,
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rubbah and horns

Worms go in, worms go out

I'm so proud of my kitty... he killed two big fat mousies in the attic.

...I do wish he told me about them sooner, though


(aren't you happy I didn't snap a pic? Yes, you ARE-- trust me.)

In other news, I am extremely happy about a completely unrelated incident. YAY!
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