June 25th, 2000

rubbah and horns

hop, hop, hop

So tired... Looooong day yesterday. Drivedrivedrive, workworkworkwork, drivedrivedrive, togatogatoga, hophophop.
Drove three hours, worked five hours, drove three hours... got home at 11:30, grabbed the tie-dyed sheet and some safety pins, and away I went.
Actually, the toga party was pretty lame... there was some sort of beer-throwing-thing going on earlier in the evening, so almost everyone was drunk and had changed out of their togas by the time we got there. Nice to see some people, though.
My friend and I wore matching fake tats (yes, that is an "a," peoples); despite their obvious fakeness, at least ten people thought they were real. I blame beergoggles.
Did a bit of barhopping after that (yes, still toga'd). Didn't drink much, but boy, am I tired today. Too tired even to catch Chicken Run with friends. Cluck, cluck.
Sidenote: I've come to the conclusion that I like togas, and will endeavor to wear them more often.