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Stuff to do

I'm so vain, I probably think this post is about me.
  • MAKE FLORIDA PLANS - into SRQ. out of FFL?

  • Put on your new license plates, or at least ID the tools you'll need so you can take them to work.

  • Laundry!

  • Clean the dressing/junk room (the room w/out a floor)

  • Reread Lysistrata; it's only a week away!

  • Try to find placename pronounciation key for same, or create one for cast.

  • Phone men for chorus: John, Ken, ?

  • Put cam online?

  • Figure out good name for Shadowfax's DJ gig; possibly do poll on same.

  • Balance checkbook, pay sundry and assorted bills.

  • Look at Bauhaus couches online.

  • Consider stopping in There.

  • Eat something, for goodness sakes!

Shoot. I know I'm forgetting something important.

First step: remove fartadelic cat from lap.

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