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Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

People pack the bags they will carry for life very early and rarely consider repacking them.

Not looking at what you're lugging through the airports of your Life doesn't make it any easier to carry. You can pretend it isn't there, sure-- but when you're dead tired keep missing your flights, and aren't actually getting anywhere, you're not fooling anybody but yourself.

Open it up. Take a look. Laugh.

Do you really need that definition of "love" you learned when you were five? When you were twelve? Outdated sentimentality doesn't have sentimental value. You can't even sell that shit on ebay. Toss it out. Redefine it meaningful, expansive, life-affirming ways. One bag lighter, and one lighter heart.

How about that antiquated self-image? How retro. Time for a new one. Keep the bits that make sense, but let the rest go. Take the time to meet yourself all over again. You may be surprised at how wonderful you've become. How beautiful. How capable and deserving of of this new love you've defined. Another bag bites the dust.

What about that bigass bag of hurt? Amazing how it all adds up over the years. Why carry that crap around? It's only dragging you down. Hanging onto it doesn't make anything any better, you know. You know, but do you understand? Drop the bag, keep the lesson. And question the lesson-- it may not even be the one you thought it was.

Wow, with all these bags out of the way you can almost see where you're going! How exciting! It's a little scary, too, I know... but it's a helluva lot more interesting that just looking back at where you've been, or watching Other People's Planes take off.

Don't be afraid to let go. Believe me, you can always get new baggage. But I suspect that once you're accustomed to packing light, you may never go back.

Repack so you can go where Life takes you without a struggle.

Because there are so many places yet to go, and so much yet to see :)

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