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Will SOMEBODY PLEASE SPANK the birthday boy? (Because I KNOW I can't get away with it...) ;)

A Very Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend horseofshadows :)

Did I say deer? I meant horse.

Shadowfax, I think these past few years have been leading up to Something Big for you... I hope that this is the year that It is revealed in all Its glory. You deserve every happiness in this world, you truly do, and my wish is that this is the year it all positively pounces upon you and shouts "here I am!" :)

I will bring you some snow when I visit in Marchish.

(I say Marchish because I haven't quite figured out exactly when, exactly, I'm headed that way... but it's soonishly!)

Happy birthday! I will drink some kahlua in your honour :) Cheers! *clink*

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