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How to clean your 3com homeconnect digital PC camera in ten easy steps

Remember that crazy cam I've been having problems with? Well, I finally got a resolution (of sorts) to my problem, by way of an email...

Hello there, I have a couple of options for you.

1. You can try taking the camera apart, (screws on the bottom, may be covered by bumpons) and try to take an alcohol swab to the plastic piece you're seeing that is dirty. It pops right out and a qtip with alcohol works well.

2. I have a camera that I have checked out thoroughly here and have verified that the picture is good and the plastic piece (filter) is clear and clean. I could get that one to you early next week.

Well, heck! It "pops right out," so let's get to it!

teeheehee bumpons bumpons and screws, bumpons and screws, I'm gonna get me some bumpons and screws<--- The screws on the bottom were indeed covered by bumpons1, which were easily removed by my old PO2 art knife.

The screws required a very small (3/16") hex driver... unfortunately, the only bit I had that size came from my old car kit. The bits themselves were rusty, and the handle was nowhere to be found, but luckily the holder it came in provided some leverage. --->

metal sheathing great green gobs of silicon and plastic guts<--- Wow! That was easy! :D Removing the plastic outer casing revealed a flimsy metal sheath.

Removing the flimsy metal sheath revealed great green gobs of silicon and plastic guts, convulated circuitry, smushed-up baby bumblebee3. --->

the Screws of Death if I had just gone to Sears, I would not need a craftsman<--- At first, it seemed as though the lens area was not removeable... but a good yank and it popped off with an audible "PWOPPH." However, the plastic lens could not be accessed, as it required removal of two small oddly-shaped screws for which I lacked the appropriate small oddly-shaped screw removal device.

So, like anyone else faced with such a dilimma, I attempted to carve an appropriate tool from a piece of wood.4 --->

Kitchen Implements o' Doom swabbin' the poopy deck!<--- Soon realizing the folly of my whittling ways, I engaged the assistance of various Kitchen Implements of Doom.

Of course, they didn't work at all. But they did serve as a useful reminder to go eat something. So I took the alcohol prep and cleaned the outside of the lens, and then had something to eat.5 --->

This had no apparent effect whatsoever. *burp*

sad crazy ldy there is always a solution<--- Which made for a sad, sad6 ldy.

But to every problem there is a solution! Despite Lisa Simpson's protestations, I found my beautiful and oh-so-sexy Estwing hammer very useful, indeed.7 --->

Luckily, I had gotten assurance from the helpful guy who wrote the email that he would swap out the old cam regardless of whether or not I tried to take it apart. So it goes back this week.

In other news, it's scottobear's birthday!!!

A special song just for Scottoberry!

In the middle of the net in a happy little grotto
lives a brave little bear whose name is Scotto.
With his furry orange cat,
and his ability to write,
he has fun on livejournal and everybody likes him

Scotto! Scotto! Scotto-berry!
He hears the Lorax's call;
Scotto! Scotto! Scotto-berry!
The bestest bigger little brother8 of 'em all

Now pods are a peace-lovin' folks you know
They don't like to hurry and they take things slow
They don't like to travel away from home
They just want to paint models and be left alone
But one day Scotto was asked to go
on a big adventure to the 'net... hello!
He met a lot of folks and shared a lot of what he knew
which was very considerable and considerate too, oh

Scotto! Scotto! Scotto-berry!
You won't catch him in a brawl;
Scotto! Scotto! Scotto-berry!
The bestest bigger little brother of 'em all

Well he sings of his sweetie!
He made a menstrualhut!!
Spars in a haikuarena!!!
And he knows what's what!!!!
He made a coloringbook!!!!!
He's got a permanent account!!!!!!
Educates the masses
in no small amount!!!!!!!

Scotto! Scotto! Scotto-berry!
The bestest bigger little brother of 'em all

Now he's still in his grotto in the land of journal,
that brave little pod whom I consider fraternal,
just a-pettin' his kitty and playin' fetch the paper wad
I wish many happy birthdays to my ever-favourite pod :)

Scotto! Scotto! Scotto-berry!
Sang of the strip mall (of sin!);
Scotto! Scotto! Scotto-berry!
The bestest bigger little brother of 'em all

In other other news, I spent quite a lot of time in There last night. Though my time is limited enough as it is, it seems like a hoot and I'll likely visit again. If you get the opportunity to visit, say hi to LdySaphyre and I'll say hi back :)

In other other other news, I've got mad bad sinus things going on. Nasty headachy tummyaching type of things. I'm hoping they pass soon.

1. One of the funniest words ever.
2. PO and knife should not be used in the same sentence.
3. Two! Two! Two camp songs in one!
4. After all, isn't that what you would do? What anybody would do?
5. Which, had I known of the Screws of Death beforehand, I could've done in the span of about ten seconds. But then I wouldn't have a photo-entry, now, would I.
6. The messy bedhead and rumpled bathrobe in no way liken me to a five-year-old mad scientist.
7. Even if only as a prop.
8. He's my big brother, but he's a wee bit younger than me.
9. I hope my picture placement and use of the clear-all tag didn't get fudged in anybody's browser.

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