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Remember to breathe, ldy, remember to breathe... OH! And don't forget to EAT!

Staff meetings, meetings with Bossman, client consults, regular work (up to my ears, really), barely even get a minute to grab a coffee or check my email, and then...

...client calls and says, "oh, by the way, I'm opening a fitness center next to my pharmacy and it opens next Saturday."

Drop everything, grill the client, spin the info, create an ad, fall over. (Someone didn't get to sleep until after 1:30a last night, and I'm afraid it's showing!)

Just getting to lunch now. Will finish up the ad when I get back, THEN worry about all the other stuff I've yet to do ;)

Regarding the webcam: turns out the guy I've been talking to isn't even from the company that sold me the cam, but from the company that bought the rights to the vicam product: IONetworks. Says I can either take it apart and clean the cover to the ccd with alcohol, or send it back for one he's personally tested. Not quite sure which I want to do yet-- brain has ceased working. ME WANT HONEYCOMB CAM NOW!

If I send it back, I know I'll have a good cam. But I'll probably have to pay for return shipping again. If I clean it, I run the risk of messing it up, and the cam may not work well anyway (I've reason to believe the issues may extend beyond the little plastic piece). Think I'll write him and ask him if I try cleaning it tonight, and it doesn't work, whether he'll still do an exchange. Yeah, that works :)

How are you today? Wait-- don't answer that-- I don't even have time to comment to comments on my last post!

Hope you're well and happy--- I'm goin' to lunch!! Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh!

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