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When I start using whatever, it's time to hit the hay (mattress, whatever)

So very tired.

There's something wonky with my windows-- seemingly unrelated to the cam thing. It decided to take twenty minutes to start up this evening.

Twenty fleeking minutes!

Thank heavens I'm a patient person, or I'd have thought it had totally hung. (Totally hung is a bad thing with computers, btw.)

Made a number of services manual instead of automagic and took a mess of things out of my startup with a nifty little utility I found (why couldn't they just include msconfig in win2k, huh?). Neither of those really seemed to help the immediate problem, but I feel a little wiser (more knowledgeable, whatever) and that's always good.

Anywho, working on it. I think it may be a problem with the smart card reader. I'll know better when I next reboot.

Watched Signs. I liked it :)

Waiting to hear back from cam people. Person. Whatever. So far, he's not been much help at all.

I suspect that either the cam is bad, or the glass (plastic, whatever) in front of the CCD is dirty.

bad photo

Hard to tell from the photo, but it does look dirty in person.

Anywho, to bed with me. I'm barely conscious. Certainly not eloquent (sane, whatever).

Sweet dreams, LJ-land.

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