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You are in a maze of twisty cubicles, all alike

<td> There is a box here. > Look at box Box is nondescript, white and addressed to you. > Open box You are not holding the box. > Get box OK. You are now holding the box. > Open box The box appears to be wrapped in some odd clear tapelike stuff (possibly tape). > Open box You cannot open the box without opening the tape first! > Open tape What would you like to open the tape with? > Scissors What would you like to do with the scissors? > Open tape with scissors You are not holding the scissors. > Get scissors, open tape with scissors OK. You have successfully gotten past the tape! > Look in box The box is not open. > Open box, look in box OK. Opening the box reveals... another box! > Look at box Which box, the white box or the other box? > Look at box in box The box inside the white box is colourful, has the words "3Com HomeConnect PC Digital WebCam" on it, and appears to be ensconced in clear plastic shrink wrap. > Open wrap with scissors I don't see any wrap here. > Open box with scissors There is no wrap on the white box. > Open colorful box with scissors I see no colorful box here. > Open coloUrful box with scissors You are not holding the colourful box. > Goshdurn futhermucking appycrass brain! There's no need to insult me like that. Remember: I have the scissors. > ... Well, do you want to see what's in the colourful box or not? > Uhm, yes, please? You open the box. Opening the box reveals a brand-new 3Com HomeConnect PC Digital WebCam. It appears to be undamaged. It's very sexy. > Woohoo! You dance around. > Can we put down the scissors now? What scissors? > The scissors we were just holding. You... are... not holding any scissors! Yeah, that's right. You have the overwhelming urge to run around the room! > I am NOT going to run with scissors Pretty please? C'mon... you know you want to. > I don't trust you, mister brain Just you wait. You have to sleep sometime, kid. :D > </td>

I won't bore you with any more of my day.

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