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Just holding my own.

Sometimes we're left fighting
By ourselves in the cold
And only the wind
Can hear our cries

Sometimes you
Wanna breathe it in
Sometimes you
Wanna get under my skin

'Cause I've got my angel
Sittin' on my shoulder
And I've got my heart
Leading the way

But if I'm
Strong enough you see
Then maybe you'll learn
what's its like to be me

--Liz Van Gerven

Apologies for not keeping up with comments. I'm just not with it right now. But they are none the less appreciated for my taciturnity.*

Apologies also for not keeping up with birthdays. I've been a bad friend, I know. (Happy Birthday, Brandi!) (Happy Belated Birthday Coral, Duchess and Just About Everybody Else!)

* I'm not really sure if taciturnity is a word, but I'm keepin' it. Never in too much of a funk to abuse my good friend Mister Language.

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