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Mutant Spam from Mars

I get the oddest spam... well, the spam itself is normal, really... it's just that sometimes, tacked on to the end of it, I'll find something like this...

In the discussion of resumptive pronouns following (81), an important property of these three types of EC raises serious doubts about an important distinction in language use. Note that the interrelation of system and/or subsystem technologies appears to correlate rather closely with the requirement that branching is not tolerated within the dominance scope of a complex symbol. Analogously, a large portion of interface coordination communication is functionally equivalent and parallel to a parasitic gap construction. However, the appearance of parasitic gaps in domains relatively inaccessible to ordinary extraction mandates staff-meeting-level attention to any deep configuration mode. If the position of the trace in (99c) were only relatively inaccessible to movement, the characterization of specific criteria presents a valuable challenge showing the necessity for the sophisticated hardware. However, this assumption is not correct, since the theory of syntactic features developed earlier can be defined in such a way as to impose any discrete configuration modality. By combining adjunctions and certain deformations, any exponential Folklife coefficient adds overwhelming Folkloristic significance to possible bidirectional logical relationship approaches. Similarly, the appearance of parasitic gaps in domains relatively inaccessible to ordinary extraction may remedy and, at the same time, eliminate the anticipated fourth-generation equipment.

Sometimes it's partial, sometimes it's (apparently) complete... heck, once in a while it even makes sense!

iirc, they come from different domains... this last one was to one of my work addys, from "justkodn(some#)@puzzlecat.com"

Perhaps I am an innocent bystander, watching international intrigue go cyphering by.

Oh, but aren't I a lucky girl;
Oh, yes, indeed, I am

Oh, look...The incorporation of agonistic cultural constraints in postmodern thaumaturgies of subsystem technologies explains it all!

Sigh. I rather preferred the fantasy of international intrigue hidden in everyday spam.

I guess there's just no pleasin' me today...

Oh, but wait! Welcome, welcome, mauracelt and papoose! Hey, that cheered me up a lot! Thanks!!

Now, if only I could go back and change my "disappointed" icon... oh, I can't... how terribly disappointing!

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