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Frying Butterfries

We interrupt this butterfly post for some random brain frying.

http://www.acornway.com/funk.swf (thanks, endril!)

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled post.

Some favourites so far...
  • BeguilingButterfly.net

  • BetterButterfly.net

  • BohemianButterfly.net

  • BuccaneerButterfly.net

  • ButterflyEscapes.net

  • CantBelieveItsNotButterfly.net

  • CaughtinmyButterfly.net

  • ElectricButterfly.net

  • FearMyButterfly.net

  • FearsomeButterfly.net

  • KissMyButterfly.net

  • MonarchoftheButterfly.net

  • NotYourAverageButterfly.net

  • UnsaltedButterfly.net

  • WhenMonkeysFlyOuttaMyButterfly.net

I'm going to think on this another day or so... if you think of something else in the meantime, or particularly like one of these, please let me know :)

Thanks a bunch! I've got the bestest friends evah.

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