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Look at meeeeeeeeeeeee

I'm buying a webcam. If I can't be clever, at least I can be distracting.

So, anywho, I'm going with a 3com homeconnect.

They've been discontinued, but I've seen a lot of them on ebay.

There seem to be two different versions available, with two major distinctions between them:
1. old version: works with AOL 4.0, has a 6.5mm F2.0 adjustable lens
2. new version: works with AOL 5.0, has a 4.9mm F2.0 adjustable lens

QUESTION: What difference, if any, does the different lens make? Should I hold out for the newer version? (AOL compatability is, thankfully, not an issue here.)

And should I pay the extra $35 for the lens kit? It includes a 3mm Wide Angle Lens, an 8mm Close-Up Lens, and a 12mm Zoom Telephoto Lens.


Any hosting advice would be appreciated, too :) Thanks!

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