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2002 - recapo, parto uno

I have this dress. I call it my New Year's Eve dress because I dream of wearing it on New Year's Eve. Every year. It's tres sexsay. Really requires a date. I've never worn it.

Well, maybe next year.

My resolutions:
To live my life with love, not fear
To not be concerned about other people's opinions (real or imagined) of me.
To break through the old stereotypes I've held of myself and shine, unfettered.

So many things happened this last year that I had to consult, what else, my journal for verification. I'd forgotten a lot!

SO, here's my little year-in-review. OK, more like not-quite half-of-a-year-in-review. Just the highlights. I hope I didn't miss too much of importance.

I don't know why the photos are still on my old ISP's servers, but I won't complain.

With any luck, I'll get to finish this tomorrow. :)

Note: Links should open in one new window. Also, I tried to unlock any locked entries. There were only a couple, but if any slipped by, please let me know. Thanks!

Rang in the New Year at Epcot
Got strep throat
Attempted to fix my starter, was thrilled to find out it was my battery
Felt a wee bit daring (why are those photos still up, anyway?)
Decided on nothing less than love
Performed in a play ("Curtains")

Continued performances
Considered building a computer
Wrote about Lupercalia
Went to friends' black and red party in screaming red vinyl
Took you on a walk through the woods
Attempted to explain the phenomena behind very big full moons

Saw Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Learned how to make saffron cookies and sing
Showed my face again!
Reported on the Easter Bunny Lynching of 2002
Performed in a one-act comedy
Became coqueen of LdyAlcestisville
Entered a Sluggy contest, badly
Did a follow-up on the plush lynching

Spent Easter w/ M's family, saw a friend play at a club, went to Museum of Natural History with E
Saw butterflies
Gave a doodoo face to a lovely mouse
Got my very firstest credit card
Started receiving parts for my new computer
Had fun with a photo of Galebird's
Bought a spiffy bowling ball!
Enjoyed a freak snowstorm
Experienced an earthquake
Got nekkid w/ my new computer case
Got a speeding ticket and went to a bridal shower
Built my computer
Decided to send out great house vibes
My dearest darkbloom deleted, and ms princess passed on

Finally got rid of Bonnie Blue, and fell in love with a house that I'm glad I didn't get
Met blackcustard and general jinjur and many more fine folks in NYC
Took you for another walk in the woods, and fed you drugs
Got out of April's speeding ticket
Unbeknownst to me, found my house...
...and fell in love with it
Tortured my cat's teeth with love
Went to my very first air show
Went to the Irish Fest (but didn't write much about it)
Posted pretty photos of my house-to-be
Signed the papers

Tonight I go peform unscripted comedy in front of an ever-changing audience for money. Does life get any better?

Maybe I'll wear the dress next year ;)

I wish you all a happy and safe New Year's Eve, and send smoooches in advance. Please save them 'til midnight. See you next year :)

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